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Petite-Core Pillow

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The Core Products Petite-Core Pillow, the smallest version of the Tri-Core orthopedic pillow, is proportioned for children and small adults. The Petite-Core Pillow's trapezoid-shaped center gently cradles the head as the twin lobes provide proper neck support, keeping your head and neck in the natural position. Made with premium quality fiber, the neck pillow is durable and consistently provides a better night's sleep. Many users experience a positive difference within days of using the pillow. Health care professionals recommend the Tri-Core Pillows to reduce neck pain and instability, treat a wide variety of neck injury symptoms, and provide a consistently better night's sleep. Sleeping with your head on the Petite-Core Pillow might also help alleviate airway blockages, a major cause of snoring.


  • Petite-size version of our Tri-Core Pillow.
  • Made with premium quality fiber.
  • Gently supports neck to relieve pain, restore natural curvature of the neck.
  • For use by both back and side sleepers.
  • Size 19" x 12" (48cm x 38cm) 
  • #1 fiber support pillow, sized for children and small adults.