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Joy On the Beach


Ready to experience a whole new way to access a beach vacation?  Well, here you have it, it’s named Joy on the Beach (JoB), and it’s the answer many of us have been waiting for.  Call it a beach wheelchair for sale, call it a beach buggy, this European invention has finally landed on our shores and is sure to revolutionize the way we live the beach!

J.O.B Is the original beach wheelchair for sale, made to move Disable and Elderly people in every situation , from sand to water, from snow to off-road. JoB is equipped with innovative wheels developed to make it easy to move on every kind of surface…. The unique beach wheelchair allows you to enter the water seated comfortably. J.O.B. is made from an aluminum alloy that won't corrode. …. JoB easily folds up so it can be transported in small vehicles. ….. Easy and funny to use it is the best solution for resorts, hotels and communities that want make their clients with special needs most comfortable.

The Joy on the Beach (JoB) is the original beach wheelchair for sale. Stylish, yet light and sturdy, the JoB is equipped with innovative wheels that make it easy to roll from the beach into the open water for access to swimming. Made of an aluminum alloy that won’t corrode, this waterproof wheelchair will give years of enjoyment on the beach.

The JoB chair can easily be lowered into any swimming pool for lap swim or water leisure.  Its air-filled balloon wheels make it easy to lift the swimmer out of the pool with minimal effort, eliminating the need for a wheelchair lift.

The JoB chair collapses easily and can be transported and put away with minimal storage space.