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COVID-19 Testing - 1 Saliva Kit for Home collection and Lab PCR testing by WREN

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Wren Laboratories Covid-19 Test Offering

FDA (EUA) Saliva-based (Molecular/PCR) @ 99.9% accuracy.

Designed for Home use with no medical supervision.

A self-administered, 2-3 minutes, convenient, simple, painless test.

Special stabilizer fluid inactivates Covid-19 and facilitates 100% preservation of the RNA for an accurate measurement.

Results are provided within 24 hours of receiving returned Saliva Sample-Kits at our Lab facility.


FDA Authorized Saliva-based PCR Covid Test.   Proprietary saliva collection device.  World class Covid-19 molecular genomic test.

The Test

Wren Laboratories has received Emergency Use Authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its saliva-based PCR laboratory diagnostic test to determine infection from Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2).

Wren Laboratories is the first U.S. lab to have received approval for a saliva-based PCR Covid-19 test combined with its own proprietary saliva collection device.

Key Benefits of the Wren Covid-19 Test:

 Highly Sensitive
Yields results and accuracy (>99%) as good as the FDA™s gold-standard nasopharyngeal PCR swabbing tests.
 Saliva-based Testing
Easier to use and less invasive than nasopharyngeal swabbing and does not need the guidance or assistance of medical personnel.
 Flexible Testing
Patients can provide a saliva sample themselves at home, at work or anywhere else without the need to go to a test center or other medical facility.
 Flexible Delivery
Samples can be sent to Wren Laboratories by UPS, FedEx or any other delivery service with no special transport requirements.
 Fast Results
Patients will normally receive their results within 24 hours of the sample being received by the laboratory.
 Long Shelf Life
The test kit has a shelf life of 12 months ensuring that tests can be used when needed without having to worry about expiry dates.